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The first scientific studies on ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ were initiated by Alan Mathison Turing in the first half of the 20th century. Turing was also the creator of the first exemplary computers, such as Heath Robinson, Bombe and Colossus, while deciphering the Germans‘ passwords during World War II through various machines that he developed. Also with the Turing test developed by him, a criterion questioning how much the machines have ability to think was revealed. Although the first studies on thinking machines began with Turing, the concept of ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ was first put forward by Professor John McCarthy of Stanford University in 1956. According to McCarthy, ‘Artificial Intelli-gence‘ (AI) means engineering and science that makes machines intelligent. Addition to Turing and McCarthy, the scientists, Claude Elwood Shannon, Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell and Herbert Alexander Simon joined their studies and they had also made obvious contributions in this field. 

The concept of ‘Artificial Intelligence‘, which we has been started to be heard often in recent years and will intensively occupy the agenda of the scientific world in the future, makes different connota-tions among individuals in society. It is difficult to make a unique definition of ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ because it might have different meanings according to different categories. Nowadays, although many studies are continuing in many scientific disciplines in the field of ‘Artificial Intelligence‘, the goal of strong ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ has not been achieved yet. However, it is within the long-term goals of researchers. As the steps are taken towards the targets, it is suggested that ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ could lead to enormous danger for humanity. Famous physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, who is cautious about the developments in this subject, has brought to mind that if thinking machines gain their self control someday in the future, they will be able to have the control of humanbeings and enslave them in a sense.

Today, especially within societies, there are false judgments and hesitations about ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ which will cover a very wide area in the future of technology. Since, there is not enough information about the subject, we thought to organize an event to bring experts together to contribute to our knowledge to some extent. The main topic of the Technologies of the Future Conference, which was decided to be organized in other areas in the upcoming years and which will be held in İzmir on 9 December 2017, was determined as ‘Artificial Intelligence‘. Experienced scientists from abroad and working in the field of "Artificial Intelligence from Turing to the future", will enlighten us on this issue and will try to answer our questions.

We invite you to join and contribute to our event.

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