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Çağrılı BildiriA Data Driven Model of TIO2 Printed Memristors

Çağrılı BildiriRealization of a 4-port Generalized Mutator and its Application to Memstor1 Simulations....

Çağrılı BildiriAutowaves in 3-D Memristive Cellular Neural Networks

Çağrılı BildiriRealization of a 4-port Generalized Mutator and its Application to Memstor1 Simulations.

Çağrılı BildiriDynamic Behavior of 1-D Array of the Memristively-coupled Chua`s Circuits

Çağrılı BildiriVDDDA – New ‘Voltage Differencing’ Device for Analog Signal Processing

Çağrılı BildiriTunable Oscillator Derived from Colpitts Structure with Simply Controllable Condition of Oscillation and Synthetic Inductor Based on Current Amplifier and Voltage Differencing Transconductance Amplifier

Çağrılı BildiriLow Input Impedance Current Differencing Unit for Current Mode Active Devices Improved by Positive Feedback and ZC-CDBA Filter Application

Çağrılı BildiriAn Ultra Low-Voltage, Ultra Low-Power DTMOS-Based CCII Design for Speech Processing Filters

Çağrılı BildiriMOS-Only Allpass Filters Modified for Low Operating Frequency Range

Çağrılı BildiriStudy of Practical Problems in Two-Loop CCTA Based Biquad: Finite Attenuations in Stop Bands

Çağrılı BildiriOn the Realization of Memristor Based RC High Pass Filter

Çağrılı BildiriFast Voltage-Mode Full-Wave Rectifier Using CCII and DXCCII

Çağrılı BildiriThe VDDDA in Multifunction Filter with Mutually Independent Q and ω0 Control Feature

Çağrılı BildiriA New 7th-Order Log-Domain Elliptic Video Filter Using E-Cell Circuits Approach

A Fuzzy Logic Voltage Controller for Off-Grid Wind Turbine/Supercapacitor Renewable Energy

Optimal Allocation of Wind Turbine in Multi Carrier Energy Networks Improving Loss and Voltage Profile

Impact of DLC Programs Levels on Reliability Improvement of Smart Distribution Network Considering Multi Carrier Energy

Short Term Scheduling of Multi Carrier Systems through Interruptible Load and Energy Storage toward Future Sustainable Energy Needs

Control of DC link Voltage Unit with Fuzzy Logic Controller in the Wind Farm

Evaluation of Two-Stage Soft-Switched Flyback Micro-inverter for Photovoltaic Applications

New Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Topology with Reduced Number of Switches and Sources

Variable Switching Frequency operation of DCM Flyback Micro-inverter

A Simulation Study of Crazy-PSO Controller for Direct Matrix Converter

Genetic Algorithm in Electrical Transmission Lines Path Finding Problems

A new Approach for AC State Estimation Based on a Linear Network Model

A New Approach for Long-Term Electricity Load Forecasting

Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generation

A Comparison between ANN Based Methods of Critical Clearing Time Estimation

Steam Generator Level Control with an Observer-Based Algebraic Approach

Rooftop PV with Battery Storage for Constant Output Power Production Considering Load Characteristics

A Comparison between Perfectly and Imperfectly Competitive Downstream Electricity Markets under the Effect of Upstream Fuel Market Price

Waveform Quality Comparison of Scalar PWM Methods for Modular Multilevel Converters

Design and Performance Analysis of a Grid Connected PWM-VSI System

Optimal Scheduling of LTC and Switched Shunt Capacitors in Smart Grid with Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations

Power Flow Solution for Multiphase Unbalanced Distribution Networks with High Penetration of Photovoltaics

Economic Dispatch Using Classical Methods and Neural Networks

Short Term Load Forecesting for a Micro Region Using NNs and Regression Models

A Positive and Negative Sequences Detecting Method Based on an Improved PQ Theory for Power Grid Synchronization

Control Algorithm for an SSSC Using Model Based Predictive Control

DVR with Fuzzy Logic Controller and Photovoltaic for Improving the Operation of wind farm

Performance Analysis of Artificial and Wavelet Neural Networks for Short- Term Wind Speed Prediction

Investigation of SSR Risk in Akkuyu NEPP

A Proposed Artificial Neural Network Model for PEM Fuel Cells

Measuring Existing System Security Using Thermal Security Index

Analysis of Reduced Order Model Based on Doubly-Fed Induction Generators during Different Fault Times

Control Strategies for Grid Connected PWM-VSI Systems

A Novel Transformer Protection Method Based on Hilbert Huang Transform and Artificial Neural Network

A New Approach for Real-Time Tool Dedicated to the Detection of Broken Bar Fault in Induction Motor

Design Studies of Axial Flux Hybrid Excitation Synchronous Machine with Magnetic Bridge

An Observer-Based Fault Diagnosis in Battery Systems of Hybrid Vehicles

Novel Algorithm of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for Variable Speed PMSG Wind Generation Systems through Model Predictive Control

Modified parallel resonance type fault current limiter

On the Use of Harmonic Detection Algorithms for Active Power Filtering Control

Voltage Signatures between Two Sub--Windings in Dual Three-Phase Induction Motor under Static Air-Gap Eccentricity

Investigation of the Effect of Pole Shape on Braking Torque for a Low Power Eddy Current Brake by Finite Elements Method

Dynamics and Limits of Electrical Braking

The Performance Analyses of an Induction Motor due to Specified Fault Conditions

A Dimmer Circuit for Various Lighting Devices

Energy Conversion Efficiency of Single-Phase Transformerless PV Inverters

Volume and Efficiency Optimization of a Step-down DC/DC Converter Based on F-L-N Parameters

Determination of the Optimum Pilot Density for an OFDM System over Empirical Channels

Neural Network Based Receiver Design for Software Defined Radio over Unknown Channels

Doppler Effects of Wind Turbines’ Rotating Blades on the Error Performance of Direct-Sequence/Spread-Spectrum Communications System

Doppler Effects of Wind Turbines’ Rotating Blades on the Error Performance of Direct-Sequence/Spread-Spectrum Communications System

A Secure and Robust Watermarking Algorithm Based on the Combination of DWT, SVD,and LU Decomposition with Arnold’s Cat Map Approach

Detection of Copy-Move Forgery Using Krawtchouk Moment

Action Recognition Using Random Forest Prediction with Combined Pose-based and Motion-based Features

Text Encryption by Using One-Dimensional Chaos Generators and Nonlinear Equations

Pulse Omission Fractional Frequency Synthesizer

Analysis of Chaotic Dynamics of Chua’s Circuit with lncosh Nonlinearity

A Novel Dual Entropy Core True Random Number Generator

A X-Band SiGe Driver Amplifier

2W Wideband Microwave PA Design for 824-2170 MHz Band Using Normalized Gain Function Method

Time Delay Calculation in Current-Mode Circuits

Real Time Industrial Application of Single Board Computer Based Color Detection System

A New Current-mode Squaring Circuit with Compensation for Error Resulting from Carrier Mobility Reduction

Mathematical Modeling of Human Heart as an Hydroelectromechanical System

VibroCap: A Mobility Supporting Hat for Blind

Closed-Loop Control of Blood Glucose Level in Type-1 Diabetics: A Simulation Study

Course of unborn baby`s heart by Wireless Baby Tracking System

Reducing Performance Impact of Process Variation for Data Caches

Dynamic current activity measurement for integrated circuit emission model

An Investigation of the SONOS with Side-Block Oxide for Non-Volatile Memory

A Novel High Integration-Density TFT-CMOS Inverter with Vertical Structure for Low Power Application

A high performance PIN diode design in 0.25μm SiGe HBT process

Wireless 3-Axis Accelerometer System for Measurement of Structural Displacement

FTIR investigations on X-N bonds of annealed PolySi/NIDOS films

Development of a Multichannel Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Device

A Device to Measure Joint Angles and Foot Force for Lower Extremity Force Distribution Computations

Read/Write Mode Operating Distance Optimization for 13.56MHz Contactless IC Cards

A Compact Low Pass Filter Design with a Fan-Shaped Defected Ground Structure for Broad Stopband

Retrieval of effective parameters of left handed materials by using different approaches

Particle Swarm Optimization for Pattern Synthesis of Superconducting Antenna Array

A Compact multi band MIMO antenna

A Compact multi band MIMO antenna

A Simple and Compact CPW-Fed UWB Printed Monopole Antenna with Defected Ground Structures

Conformal Antenna Array Synthesis Using Taguchi Algorithm

Post-growth Large Energy Band-gap Tuning of the 980 nm High Power Laser Diode Structures

Design and Simulation of SiOxNy Thin Films Based Planar Optical Waveguide for Integrated Optics

Optical Fiber Distributed Sensing of Temperature, Thermal Strain and Thermo-Mechanical Force Formations on OPGW Cables under Wind Effects

A Novel Periodic Macrobending Hetero-Core Fiber Optic Sensor Embedded In Textiles

Based on the FOA algorithm Research of Ocean-going Vessels Economy Speed

Antenna Azimuth Position Control with Fuzzy Logic and Self-Tuning Fuzzy Logic Controllers

Adaptive Leader-Following Consensus in Multi-Agent Systems with Second-Order Nonlinear Dynamics and Directed Switching Topologies

Decomposition of the time delay systems with one delay: the simultaneous similarity of two matrices

State Vector Estimation Using Extended Filter Kalman for the Sliding Mode Controlled Quadrotor Helicopter in Vertical Flight

Configuration Space Control of a Parallel Delta Robot with a Neural Network Based Inverse Kinematics

Configuration Space Control of a Parallel Delta Robot with a Neural Network Based Inverse Kinematics

Lightweight Design and Encoderless Control of a Miniature Direct Drive Linear Delta Robot

BUG Algorithm Analysis using Petri net

Control of Pattern Tracking Nonholonomic Mobile Robot with Feedback Linearization

Extraction of Brain Tumors from MRI Images with Artificial Bee Colony Based Segmentation Methodology

A Novel Classification and Estimation Approach for Detecting Keratoconus Disease with Intelligent Systems

Use of Kaczmarz’s Method in Intelligent-Particle Swarm Optimization

Extracting Turkish Tweet Topics Using LDA

Poster BildiriUsage of HoG (Histograms of Oriented Gradients) Features for Victim Detection at Disaster Areas

Poster BildiriStatistical Model Study for Narrowband Power Line Communication Noises

Poster BildiriEconomic dispatch by the combination of HNN and the Lagrange method

Poster BildiriApplication of Modified Subgradient Algorithm Based on Feasible Values to Security Constrained Economic Dispatch Problem with Prohibited Operation Zones

Poster BildiriTwo Axis Solar Tracker Design and Implementation

Poster BildiriSimulation of a Novel Approach of Accurate Solar Photovoltaic Array

Poster BildiriRadar Cross Section Calculation of a Wind Turbine Modeled by PEC Canonical Structures

Poster BildiriFault Diagnosis in a Nonlinear Three-Tank System via ANFIS

Poster BildiriA New Model for IPMSM with Rotating High Frequency Voltage Injection

Poster BildiriExamination of Radial Force with Finite Element Method in Switched Reluctance Motor

Poster BildiriImpact of Coupling Breakers in a Power Plant Fault Analysis

Poster BildiriDesign and Analysis of Switched Reluctance Motors

Poster BildiriDesign of Low Phase Noise 7.7 GHz Dielectric Resonator Oscillator

Poster BildiriInput and Output Matched SiGe RF Mixer with High Dynamic Range

Poster BildiriGain and Noise Figure Enhancements of both C and L Bands Double Pass Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifie

Poster BildiriReconfigurable Implementations of PWL-Based Multiscroll Chaos Generator

Poster BildiriTheory of Doping Management

Poster BildiriInterpretation of Thyroid Blood Tests Using Mamdani Type Fuzzy Logic Sets

Poster BildiriGender Identification of a Speaker Using MFCC And GMM

Poster BildiriEffects of Dimension Reduction in Mammograms Classification

Poster BildiriWavelet – Based Principal Component Analysis for Process Monitoring with Experimental Application

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