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Çağrılı BildiriDynamic Behavior Analysis of Saturated Induction Motor

Çağrılı BildiriLightning Protection Against Dangerous Induced Voltages

Çağrılı BildiriThe Hybrid System for Education & Project Development

Çağrılı BildiriOn The Brushless DC Motors

Çağrılı BildiriA Method of Inclusion of Security Constraints with Distributed Optimal Power Flow

Çağrılı BildiriSurface Flashover and Dielectric Materials for Space Environment

Çağrılı BildiriElectric Arc Furnace in Power System Aspects of Power Quality A Case Study

Çağrılı BildiriDevelopments Power Engineering and Their Demands on High-Voltage Test Equipment

Çağrılı BildiriAnalysis and Applications of Transferring Power with a Transformer with a High Leakage Inductance

Çağrılı BildiriPower Electronics Unit with Grid Interactive Facility

Çağrılı BildiriSurface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive Using A Gopinath Observer

Çağrılı BildiriOn The Frequency Compensation of Some Electronic Functions Using Translinear Conveyors

Çağrılı BildiriIntegrated Multi-Standard Wireless Systems: Challengs and Design Solutions

Çağrılı BildiriMicrowave Heating and Precessing

Çağrılı BildiriTreatment of The Electrical Circuits Based on The Time Discrimination Models

Çağrılı BildiriEducational Digital Circuit Emulators

Çağrılı BildiriOperating Time of Line Distance Protections

Sözlü BildiriA New Approach to Non-Linear Generalised Predictive Control and Design of Matlab/Simulink Interface Program

Sözlü BildiriA Sensitivity Measure for An Electronic, Proportional-Integral-Derivative-(PID) Controller and Calculating Optimum Parameter Tolerances

Sözlü BildiriThe Design and Implementation of Microcontroller-Based Waste Water Sample Collection Device

Sözlü BildiriRule-Based Quasi-Sliding Mode Type of Controller Design

Sözlü BildiriIntelligent Three-Axes Motion Controller for ISA Bus Computer

Sözlü BildiriWater Inflow Forecasting Based on Neural Network

Sözlü BildiriA Fuzzy Decision Model for Optimal Shunt Allocation on Unbalance Radial Distribution with Nonlinear Loads Part I: The Solution Method

Sözlü BildiriA Fuzzy Decision Model for Optimal Shunt Allocation on Unbalance Radial Distribution With Nonlinear Loads Part II: The Numerical Results

Sözlü BildiriMathematical Model for Calculating Impedance of A Multi-Cable Interconnection Between Power Substation Earthing Grids

Sözlü BildiriA Software for Harmonic Analysis of Switching Waveforms

Sözlü BildiriModelling and Analysis of A Unit Protection

Sözlü BildiriApplication of A Statistical Methodology to A Multiplier Using A Low Voltage Square-Law CMOS Analog Cell

Sözlü BildiriAnalog Models for Analysis and Design of Some Switch Capacitor Circuits

Sözlü BildiriA New Method for The Design of Bandpass Bessel Filter

Sözlü BildiriDesign of An Improved Current Conveyor Employing A High Performance Operational Amplifier

Sözlü BildiriSimple and Accurate Non-Linear Macromodel for Four Terminal Floating Nullor (FTFN)

Sözlü BildiriSome Considerations Concerning Composite Insulators Design

Sözlü BildiriModel for Calculating The Conductivity to Ground of Power Cables with Metallic Shield Placed on A Two Layer Soil

Sözlü BildiriGeneral Characteristics of Circuit Breakers for The Ultra High Voltage Power Systems

Sözlü BildiriA Study on The investigation of Surface Tracking in Polyester Insulators

Sözlü BildiriInfluence of The Electric Field to The Neighbourhood of The Discharge on Its Propagation to Flashover

Sözlü BildiriEvolution Strategies Improving a New Fuzzy Logic Design of a Duty-Cycle Compensation Controller

Sözlü BildiriNon-linear System Controller Based on a Self-Organizing Map

Sözlü BildiriHigh-Performance Fuzzy Processing Memory Unit for Hybrid-Mode Fuzzy Logic Controllers

Sözlü BildiriApproximation of Control Function by Using Adequate Fuzzy Model

Sözlü BildiriLyapunov-Based Statcom Control

Sözlü BildiriGenetic Algorithm for Optimization of Angle Bar Inventory for Lattice Towers Used in Distribution and Transmission Systems

A Robust Algorithm for Power Flow Analysis in Power Systems Embedded with MTDC Systems and FACTS Devices

Sözlü BildiriInfluence of Local Distribution Network Topology on the Number of Wind Converters

Sözlü BildiriMinimum Ratio of Short Circuit Currents from Solidly Earthed Network Aspect

Sözlü BildiriThe Change of The Active Power Transmitted Through DC Line During Transient in The Transient Stability Studies of AC/DC Power Systems

Sözlü BildiriTransient Analysis due to Short Current in One End Feed Underground Power Cables: Effect of Fault Location

Sözlü BildiriObserving Chaos in A Ferroresonant Series Circuit

Sözlü BildiriCFOA-Based Wien-Bridge Type RC Chaos Oscillator

Sözlü BildiriCurrent-Mode Biquads for Low-Frequency Operation

Sözlü BildiriNew Improved CMOS Implementation of Differential Difference Current Conveyor

Sözlü BildiriNovel All-Pass Filters with Reduced Number of Passive Elements Using A Single Current Conveyor

Sözlü BildiriCurrent and Potential Rise Distribution in Ground Structures Along and Energized H.V. Transmission Line

Sözlü BildiriA High Quality Multi-Level VSI Suitable For High Power/High Voltage Applications

Sözlü BildiriA Study on Breakdown Voltage Estimation of CO2+SF6 Mixture Using Feedforward Neural Network Approach

Sözlü BildiriBreakdown Strength of Air and Air+SF6 in Rod-Sphere Gap and Breakdown Voltage Estimation by Using Artificial Neural Network

Sözlü BildiriAdvanced Measuring System for the Analysis of Dielectric Parameters Including PD Events

Sözlü BildiriApplication of Computer in Direct Process Control

Sözlü BildiriTrajectory Control of Industrial Robots

Sözlü BildiriControl of Active Vehicle Suspension Systems

Sözlü BildiriTemperature Control Using Improved Autotuning PID Control Methods

Sözlü BildiriA Decomposition Algorithm for Multi-Universe Fuzzy Relations

Sözlü BildiriThe Use of Genetic Algorithm in Flight Control System Design

Sözlü BildiriModelling and Analysis of Power Systems Loads and Harmonic Flow Calculations

Sözlü BildiriPower Quality Problems and Its Solutions

Sözlü BildiriPower Quality Improvement

Sözlü BildiriHarmonics and Resonance Conditions in Thyristor Controlled Reactor Circuits

Sözlü BildiriPerformance Improvement of Multistage Interconnection Networks

Sözlü BildiriMinimising Power Transmission Losses Using Genetic Algorithm

Sözlü BildiriMinimal Realization of A Multiple Output and/or Combination Circuit

Sözlü BildiriOn Distributed Amplifiers with Bandpass Filter Structure

Sözlü BildiriExplicit Formulas for A Special Class of Two-Varible Resonant Ladder Networks with Simple Lumped Elements and Commensurate Stubs

Sözlü BildiriA Software FM Demodulator

Sözlü BildiriA High Efficiency ZVZCS Full Bridge Converter for Medium Power Low Input Voltage Applications

Sözlü BildiriTransfer Function Concept of VSI and Its Utilization in Simulation of A SVC and A Parallel Active Filter

Sözlü BildiriEnvironmentally Constrained Economic Dispatch Via Neural Networks

Sözlü BildiriVoltage Sags in Distribution System

Sözlü BildiriComparison of Three Forecast Methods for Power Demand in Gaziantep

Sözlü BildiriThe Load Control of One Local Power Station Connected to The National Grid

Sözlü BildiriDistribution System Restoration with Multiple Supplies After Extended Outages

Sözlü BildiriHarmonic Measurement and Power Factor Correction in A Cement Factory

Sözlü BildiriNonlinear System Modelling with Fuzzy Neural Network Using Genetic Algorithms with Simulated Annealing

Sözlü BildiriSimulation of "Double Scrolls" by Using The Generalized SPICE Model for Cellular Neural Networks

Sözlü BildiriThe Finding of Neural Networks's VC Dimension

Sözlü BildiriArtificial Neural Networks for The Concentration Estimation of Volatile Organic Gases

Sözlü BildiriArtificial Neural Networks for The Characteristic Impedance Calculation of Conductor-Backed Coplanar Waveguides

Sözlü BildiriIntuitional Classification of Aerial Images

Using Artificial Neural Networks for Automated Edge Extracting From Aerial Images

Sözlü BildiriSolution to Lossy Short Term Hydrothermal Coordination Problem with Limited Energy Supply Units by Using Genetic Algorithm

Sözlü BildiriEffects of Protection Equipments on Reliability Indices of Load Point in Distribution System

Sözlü BildiriApplication of Series and Shunt Compensation to Turkish National Power Transmission System to Improve System Loadability

Sözlü BildiriPower Quality Problems Caused by Power Electronic Equipment and Possible Solutions

Sözlü BildiriExperimental Modelling and Simulation of A 150 MW Coal Power Plant

Sözlü BildiriA Simple Approach for Identification of Coherent Generators in Multi-Machine Power Systems

Sözlü BildiriEffects of The Sensing Region Refractive Index in Fiber Optic Evanescent Field Absorbtion Sensors

Sözlü BildiriFeatures, Architecture and Applications of FDDI An Optical Fiber Based High Speed Lan

Sözlü BildiriDetermination of The Physical Optics Validation Region by Complex Source-Dual Series Approach

Sözlü BildiriA New Method in Converting Sinusoidal Signal to Optical Signal and Related Transmission System of This Method

Sözlü BildiriWavelength Division Multiplexing for Future High Capacity Network Applications

Sözlü BildiriA Design for Transmitting An Ambient Temperature Via RF Modulation

Sözlü BildiriNeural Network Based Inertia Identification of Electrical Drive Systems

Sözlü BildiriThe Use of Instantaneous Power Spectrum in The Detection of Rotor Cage Faults on 3-Phase Induction Motors

Sözlü BildiriClassification of Faults and Their Causes in Electric Motors by Using Fuzzy Classification Methods

Sözlü BildiriA Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control System for The Wound-Rotor Three-Phase Induction Motors

Sözlü BildiriDynamic Performance of Single-Phase Induction Motor with A Switching Capacitor

Sözlü BildiriThe Analysis and Design of Capacitor Voltage-Clamped Half-Bridge Series-Loaded Series Resonant Converter

Sözlü BildiriOptimized Control of Paralysis and Depth of Unconscious in Anesthesia

Sözlü BildiriElectrocardiogram-QRS Wave Detector

Sözlü BildiriDetection of Visual Evoked Potentials in Electroencephalogram

Sözlü BildiriECG Data Compression by Artificial Neural Networks

Sözlü BildiriGait Trainer for Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsied Children

Sözlü BildiriPhase Shifting Transformers in An Efficient Power Flow Control Method

Sözlü BildiriTransient Stability Assessment of An Electric Power System Using The Bisection Algorithm Combined with The Dot Product Criteria

Sözlü BildiriNovel Fuzzy Voltage Stabilizer

Sözlü BildiriImprovement of Stability of A Turboalternator Using An Advanced Static VAR Compensator

Sözlü BildiriEquipment for DC Networks Protection Against Remote Short-Circuits

The 8085 Training Kit with Disassembler Capability

Sözlü BildiriGreen's Function Approach to The Continuity Equation

Sözlü BildiriModeling of Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors Operating in Forward Mode

Sözlü BildiriModelling of Submicronic MOSFET's Ageing Effects Using SPICE

Sözlü BildiriSome Statistical Characteristics for The APD

Sözlü BildiriEcologial Treatment of Oil Sewage by Magnetofluid Methods and Electromagnetic Filtration of The Technological Waste Water and Gases in Industry

Sözlü BildiriDesign of Permanent Magnet Linear Brushless DC Motor with Printed Circuit Armature

Sözlü BildiriThermal Behavior of Induction Motors Under Different Speeds

Sözlü BildiriStability Analysis of Slip Energy Recovery Induction Motor Drive

Sözlü BildiriSpecial for Oil Field Brushless Synchronous Motors For Energy Saving, Stability, Reliability and Ecology Improvement

Sözlü BildiriGeneralized Approach on Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Salient Pole-Like Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

Sözlü BildiriAnalysis of PV Buck-Boost Converter Supplied DC Motors

Sözlü BildiriIllustration of Rotor Pole Aliasing Effect in Induction Motor Line Current Spectrum

Sözlü BildiriDesign of Reconfigurable State Decoding System for Hidden Markov Models

Sözlü BildiriTree-Structured Subband Coding of Speech with 2 Different Filter Banks

Sözlü BildiriDesign of Real-Time Edge Detection Circuits on Multi-FPGA Prototyping System

Sözlü Bildiri2-D Wavelet Application on Geophysics

Sözlü BildiriDeveloping A Spell Checker as An Expert System

Sözlü BildiriDevelopment of A Handwritten Turkish Character Recognition System

Sözlü BildiriActive and Reactive Power Flow Tracing

Sözlü BildiriHigh Performance Three Phase Controlled Current PWM Converter Under Unbalanced Input Voltage Conditions

Sözlü BildiriGIS High Speed Earthing Switch (HSES) Making Test in Synthetic Test Circuit

Sözlü BildiriEffects on The Electrical Equipment from The Quality of The Power

Sözlü BildiriAbout Modelling of Disturbances in Power Systems at The Transients due to Switching Operations of Multiple Capacitor Banks

Sözlü BildiriA New Fast Action System for Reactive and Unbalanced Currents Compensation in Three Phase Three Wires Systems

Sözlü BildiriA Horizontal Axle Type Flywheel Energy Storage System Using High Tc Superconductor Bearings

Sözlü BildiriDynamically Equivalent Manipulator of A Two-Link Planar, Free-Floating Space Manipulator

Sözlü BildiriComputer Supported Wind Speed and Direction Monitoring and Logging System

Sözlü BildiriThe Control of A DC Servo Motor by Using Fuzzy Gain Scheduling Controller

Sözlü BildiriMultivariable Generalized Predictive Control with Constrains: A Distillation Column Case Study

Sözlü BildiriFuzzy Equivalence of Classical Controllers

Sözlü BildiriContribution in A Regulation Method of Battery Current in Electric Vehicles. Application in A Racing Sail Ship

Sözlü BildiriDetection of Unbalance MMF in Permanent Magnet Direct Current Machines Using Vibration

Sözlü BildiriEffect of Stator and Rotor Pole Shapes on The Torque Ripple in A Switched Reluctance Motor

Sözlü BildiriPSPICE Simulation of Split Phase Induction Motor Fed by A Direct AC-AC Converter

Sözlü BildiriTheoretical and Experimental Study of Universal Motor for Vacuum Cleaners

Sözlü BildiriDynamic Behaviour of The Three Phase Induction Motor Used in The Slip Energy Recovery Drive

Sözlü BildiriTrellis Coded Quantization/Modulation Over Rician Fading Channel

Sözlü BildiriDigital Signature Schemes Based on Discrete Logarithm over Finite Fields

Sözlü BildiriAnalysis and Performance Evaluation for Packetized Voice/Data Integrated Transmitted on A LAN

Sözlü BildiriComparison of The Block Ciphers Des and Idea

Sözlü BildiriPotentiality of Channel Assignment for Cellular Communications

Sözlü BildiriRealization of Nonminimal Routing Algorithm in Faulty Hypercube Parallel Process System with Using Cube Algebra

Sözlü BildiriA Parallel and Distributed Algorithm to Power Systems State Estimation

GH¥ Robust Power System Stabiliser Design with Parametric Incertainty

Sözlü BildiriThe Application of Self-Tuning Control to Power System with SMES

Sözlü BildiriInstantaneous Power in Unbalanced Three Phase Systems

Sözlü BildiriThe Accidental Shock Circuits for Earthing System Design in Electrical Substations

Sözlü BildiriA Reduced Load Model Based on Clustering Concept for Adequacy Evaluation in Power Systems

Sözlü BildiriImprove to Efficiency of Combined Heat and Power Systems Fuel-Gas Preheater Control Algorithm

Sözlü BildiriTV Radio Frequency (RF) Measurements for City of Isparta

Sözlü BildiriTabu Search Algorithm for Chebyshev Arrays

Sözlü BildiriApplication IEM for Modelling Airplane and Atmosphere Electrical Fields

Sözlü BildiriCharacteristical Analysis of Physical Magnitudes at Electromagnetic Theory

Sözlü BildiriWireless Local Area Networks Transmission Technology and Application Methods

Sözlü BildiriMagnetic Force on Fine Particles in Nonuniform Magnetic Fields

Sözlü BildiriA Novel Rectifier/Inverter with Adjustable Power Factor

Sözlü BildiriA Three Phase Input Unity Power Factor Quasi-Resonant Inverter

Sözlü BildiriAnalytical and Numerical Calculations of Inductance of A Plunger-Type Magnet

Sözlü BildiriCooling Technology of SF6 Gas Insulated High Voltage Power Transformers

Sözlü BildiriMagnetic Field Analysis of DC Machine by Applying Artificial Neural Networks to Finite Elements Method

Sözlü BildiriModeling Magnetization Characteristics of Materials Used in Pole Leg of DC Machines with Artificial Neural Networks and Its Comparison with Cubic Spline Method

Sözlü BildiriA Feasibility Study on A Superconducting Power Transformer

Sözlü BildiriA Generalised Variant of Orthogonal Interconnecting Networks

Sözlü BildiriIterative Deconvolution Using SVD-KLT Fourth Order Cumulant

Sözlü BildiriA Simple Method to Place Amplifiers in A WDM LAN/MAN

Sözlü BildiriExamination of Substitution Boxes of Safer

Sözlü BildiriThe Implementation of Fuzzy Flip-Flops as Memory Modules

Sözlü BildiriAn Edge Detection Method Developed for Object Recognition

Sözlü BildiriA Single-Switch AC-AC Converter with High Power Factor and Soft Commutation for Induction Heating Applications

Sözlü BildiriA New Three Phase Thristor -Inverter Circuit with Improved Commutation Conditions

Sözlü BildiriA Passive Lossless Snubber Cell Design for An Ohmic Loaded PWM IGBT Chopper Fed by A Diode Bridge from AC Mains

Sözlü BildiriExperimental Study for Determining Effects of Dimness Level

Sözlü BildiriEffects of Existing Lighting Control Systems on People

Sözlü BildiriLighting Design for A Football Field


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