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Investigation of necessary Transmission Enforcements at the Balkan Region of ENTSO/E in the sense of Inter-area Oscillations after Interconnection of Turkey

Investigation of Various Voltage Sag Analyses in Wind Farm through SVC

Investigation of Power Losses in Light Loaded Power Networks

A PV Based Automation System for Fish Farms: An Application Study

Simulation and Experimental Study of Shading Effect on Series and Parallel Connected Photovoltaic PV Modules

Solution to Security Constrained Lossy Economic Power Dispatch Problem for a Power System Area Including Limited Energy Supply Thermal Units Using Modified Subgradient Algorithm Based on Feasible Values

A Security Constrained Environmental/Economic Power Dispatch Technique Using F-MSG Algorithm for a Power System Area Including Limited Energy Supply Thermal Units

Arbitrage Opportunities between Energy, Bilateral Contracts and Ancillary Service Markets

Electrical Load Forecasting Using Support Vector Machines

Solution of Economic Dispatch Problem using Gravitational Search Algorithm

Optimizing the Spinning Reserve Requirements Considering Reliability of Composite Generation/Transmission Systems

Using PSO for Optimal Planning, and Reducing Loss of Distribution Networks

A FFT Based Fault Location Algorithm for Transmission Lines

Non-iterative Algorithm of Analytical Synchronization of Two-end Measurements for Transmission Line Parameters Estimation and Fault Location

Power Oscillations Damping by Static Var Compensator Using an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller

Distributed Static Series Compensator (DSSC) for Power Flow Control and Inter-Area Oscillations Damping Studies

Composite System Well-Being Analysis Using Sequential

Solution to Security Constrained Pumped-Storage Hydraulic Unit Scheduling Problem by Using Modified Subgradient Algorithm Based on Feasible Values

Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for the Solution of Nonconvex Economic Dispatch Problem with Valve Point Effect

Fault Current Limitation and Contraction of Voltage Dips Thanks to D-FACTS and FACTS Cooperation

A Single-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power System using DFCM Converter

Investigation of the Best Placement for Voltage Stability by STATCOM

Multi- Class Power Quality Disturbances Classification by Using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Based SVM

Investigation of TCSC and SSSC Controller Effects on the Power System

Reliability and Data Analysis of Electrical Degraded System Subject to Random Shocks

Investigation of Transient Stability of Multi Machine Power Systems with Multiple UPFC

Application of Continuous Wavelet Transform for Fault Location in Combined

Impact of Bridge Type Fault Current Limiter on Power System Transient Stability

Implementation of a Test System based on OPC Server for Development of Electronic Speed Governor in Gezende HEPP

A Controversial Issue: Power Components in Nonsinusoidal Single-Phase Systems

Transmission Line Differential Protection with Fuzzy Signal Processing Support

A Power Resolution for Nonsinusoidal and Unbalanced Systems- Part I: Literature Overview and Motivation

A Power Resolution for Nonsinusoidal and Unbalanced Systems-Part II: Theoretical Background

Addendum to A Power Resolution for Nonsinusoidal and Unbalanced Systems: Evaluation Examples

Evaluation and Comparing the Loss of Life for Outdoor and MV/LV Prefabricated Oil Immersed Power Transformer Based on Nonlinear Thermal Models

Bifurcation Mechanism of Low-Frequency Oscillations in Power Systems with Long Transmission Lines

Design of Output Feedback SSSC and PSS Controllers to Enhance the Stability of Power System Using PSO

An Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for the Unit Commitment Problem

Application of GA, PSO and ABC in Optimal Design of a Stand-Alone Hybrid System for North-West of Iran

A Small-Signal Stability Related Probabilistic Security Assessment of Wind Power Integration into Power Systems

A Small-Signal Stability Related Probabilistic Security Assessment of Wind Power Integration into Power Systems

A Closed Loop Controller for Elevator Application Using VVVF Induction Motor Drive

Determination of the PID Controller Parameters for Speed and Position Control of DC Motor using Gravitational Search Algorithm

Soft Starting of Medium Voltage Induction Motors Using a Resistive Type Fault Current Limiter

Modeling and Analysis of Three Phase Stand Alone Induction Generator under Single Phase Load

Two Dimensional Fluid Flow in the Channel of a Magnetohydrodynamic Pump

The Analysis of the Line-Start Single-Phase Permanent Magnet Motors

A Novel Double-sided Flat Rectangular Linear Permanent Magnets Synchronous Generator for Sea Wave Energy Application

Application of the Wavelet Transform for the Fault Detection in Induction Motors Using Transient Stator Current Signal

Application of PMSM for Electric Generation from Ocean Waves by EPEW

A New Flexible Distributed Generation Unit for Active Power Generation and Harmonic Compensation under Non-Ideal Source Voltages Condition

Using Non-superconducting Fault Current Limiter as Inrush Current Limiter

Çağrılı BildiriActive Power Filter based on Cascaded Transformer Multilevel Inverter

Power Quality Assessment in Electrical Utilities Including Distributed Generation Unit - Hybrid Filters under Non-Ideal Source Voltage

Power Quality Assessment in Electrical Utilities Including Distributed Generation Unit & Hybrid Filters under Non-Ideal Source Voltage

Voltage Unbalance Reduction by Distribution Static Compensator in a Case Study Network

Unity Power Factor Isolated Bridgeless Rectifier Based on Coupled Inductors

Photovoltaic based DVR for Improving the Operation of Wind Farm

Reduced Diode Clamped Multilevel Converter with a Modified Control Method

Interline Power Flow Controller Based on Multi Output Sparse Matrix Converter

Performance Improvement of Active Power Filters based on P-Q and D-Q Control Methods under Non-ideal Supply Voltage Conditions

The Effect of Inverter Efficiency on Stand-alone Residential PV System Sizing

A High Efficiency Class D Amplifier Application

Effect of Voltage on Morphology of Electrospun Nanofibers

Field Emission Properties of MWCNT Film on a Graphite Tip by Electrophoretic Deposition

Theoretical Investigations of Structural and Thermal Properties of PbS and PbSe

Estimation of Cable Maximum Operational Temperature Based on ANN Approach

Analysis of an Eccentric Axial High Voltage Underground Cable

Modeling of Corona Streamer Discharge Development along an Ice Surface

Context Switching Time Comparison of Xilkernel and µCOS-II on Microblaze

Basic Circuits for Multi-Valued Sequential Logic

MOS-C Realization of KHN Biquad Using Inverting Current Feedback Operational Amplifiers

Realization of Ideal Filter Characteristics via Genetic Algorithm

A Software-based Interactive System on BZK.SAU.FPGA10.1 Micro Computer Design for Teaching Computer Architecture and Organization

Novel Resistorless Dual-Output VM All-Pass Filter Employing VDIBA

1– 8 GHz High Efficiency Single Stage Travelling Wave Power Amplifier

High Performance 8-Bit Multiplexer Based Multiplier Design Using Mos Current Mode Logic

MOS-Only Second Order Current-Mode LP/BP Filter

Recursive Partial Realization of Switched Linear Systems

Comparison of Fully-Differential and Single-Ended Current-Mode Band-Pass Filters with Current Active Elements

Modeling Single Event Crosstalk in Nanometer Technologies

Analyzing and Modeling Performance of a New SMA Actuator-based Barrier Structure

Low-pass Filter Approximation with Evolutionary Techniques

A New FGMOS DXDDCC and A KHN Biquad as Application Example

Optical Remote Sensing a Potential Tool for Forecasting Malaria in Orissa, India

A New Threshold Algorithm based PCA Method for Fault Detection in Transient State Processes

Combination of l1 and l2 Norms for Image Deconvolution Problems

Score Normalization for VQ-UBM Based Text-Independent Speaker Verification

Impact of Voice Excitation Features on Speaker Verification

Flying Adder Principle Frequency Synthesizer

Accurate Measurement of the Mains Electricity Frequency

Personal Verification Using Finger Vein Biometrics in FPGA-based System-on-Chip

Color to Grayscale Conversion Based On Neighborhood Pixels Effect Approach for Digital Image

Cascaded Binomial Filter Algorithms for Noisy FTIR Spectra

A new method of wavelet domain watermark embedding and extraction using fractional fourier transform

Application of Wavelet Analysis to Feature Extraction of Noisy Corona Discharge Signals

Design of a Dual-Mode Dual-Band Bandpass Filter with a Novel Feed Scheme

Process and Conduction of Interferometric Phase for Satellite Images

Dielectric Resonator Oscillator Design and Realization at 4.25 GHz

Extended Symmetrical Aperture Direction Finding Using Correlative Interferometer Method

An Efficient Approach for the Solution of Inverse Scattering Problems via Neural Network Method

Compact Dual Broadband Planar Slot Antenna f or Wireless LAN Application

Design of a Broadband Microstrip Antenna with Artificial Magnetic Conductor Ground Plane

A Rom-less Pulse Shaper for 2.4 GHz Zigbee Application

An Ultra Low Power Frequency Divider for 2.4GHz Zigbee Frequency Synthesizer

A Theoretical Study and Modeling of Si/SiO2 Multi Quantum Well MIS-Devices with Solving the Schrodinger-Poisson-Tunneling Current Equations Self-Consistently

Gas Detection through Absorption Spectroscopy using Quantum Cascade Laser

9 GHz Differential Sige Transimpedance Amplifier for 10 Gbit/s Fiber Optical Front-Ends

Design of Wireless Smart Metering System Based on MSP430 MCU and Zigbee for Residential Application

Packet Loss Probability Estimation Using Erlang B Model in Modern VoIP Networks

Iteration Reduction Using SNR Offset for Turbo and Serially Concatenated Convolutional Codes

Interference Scenarios and Capacity Performances for Femtocell Networks

SMC-Based Iterative Joint MUD Data Detection, Code Delay and Multipath Estimation in DS-CDMA Systems

Implementation of a Secure Distance Bounding Protocol on an FPGA

Secure Voice Communication via GSM Network

A practical Authentication Method of FPGA Designs Suitable for Mass Production

Periodic Variation Method for Blind Symbol Rate Estimation

Detection of the Blood Glucose and Haemoglobin A1C from Palm Perspiration using Artificial Neural Networks

Segmentation of Breast Region from MR Images using Multi-State Cellular Neural Networks

Evolutionary Algorithms Based RBF Neural Networks for Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis

Thyroid Diagnosis with Least Squares SVM utilizing a BDT

Heart Sound Localization in Chest Sound Using Convex-Hull Algorithm

Active Eye-Glasses with Local Dimming

Analyzing Deflection and Torsion of MEMS Bridge

Influence of the Annealing Condition on the Evolution of the BN Bonds Intensity Detected by FTIR Characterization

Design of Hetero-core Smart Fiber Optic Macrobend Sensors

Comparison of PSO-PID, FLC and PID in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

Synchronizing Automata and Petri Net based Controllers

Identification of Fractional Order Model Structures Using Conversion of Infinite Terms of a Response to Finite Terms

Existence of Chaos in the Fractional Order Unified System: The Lowest Effective Dimension

Fuzzy Inference System Controls in Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines

Robust H-inf Control of Switched Uncertain Time-varying Delay Discrete-time Systems via Dynamic Output Feedback

Sliding Mode Control of Switched Uncertain Linear Systems: Designing Robust H-inf Sliding Surface

Robust Motion Control of a Four Wheel Drive Skid-Steered Mobile Robot

A Comparison Study of the Numerical Integration Methods in the Trajectory Tracking Application of Redundant Robot Manipulators

Collision-Avoidance Problem Solution of Robot Manipulators via CGA

A New Architecture for Multi-Robot Teams in Market-Based Applications

Mobile Robot Localization via Outlier Rejection in Sonar Range Sensor Data

A Fast and Straightforward Solver for Generation Allocation Problem Including Losses using A Hopfield Network

A Solution to Dynamic Economic Dispatch with Prohibited Zones using a Hopfield Neural Network

Gaussian Mixture Clustering Based Attribute Weighting for Non-Linearly Separable Datasets

Decreasing Iteration Number of K-medoids Algorithm with IFART

Real-time Hand Posture/Gesture Recognition by Using Distance Classifiers and Finite State Machine for Virtual Mouse Operations

Poster BildiriFrequency-Domain Steady-State Analysis of Circuits with Mem-Elements

Poster BildiriDesign of a Broadband Semi-Conical PVDF Ultrasonic Sensor for Obstacle Detection Applications

Poster BildiriUltraviolet and Visible Light Detection Characteristics of Amorphous Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide Thin Film Transistor for Photodetector Applications

Poster BildiriDual-Output All-Pass Filter Employing Fully-Differential Operational Amplifier and Current-Controlled Current Conveyor

Poster BildiriElectromagnetic Scattering by Inhomogeneous Dielectric Bodies Modeled by Cubic Elements

Poster BildiriCurrent-Mode Multiphase Sinusoidal Oscillator Based on Current Differencing Units

Poster BildiriRealization of a CMOS Current Differencing Buffer Amplifier and Its Filter Application

Poster BildiriEnhancement of Power System Stability by Means of SSSC and STATCOM: A Comparative Study

Poster BildiriComparison of Diagnostic Test Techniques on Laboratory Aged Water Treed MV-XLPE Cables

Poster BildiriWavelet-Network Approaches for Classification of Induction Machine Faults Using Optimal Time-Frequency Representations

Poster BildiriClassification of Induction Machine Faults by K-nearest Neighbor

Poster BildiriPSO Algorithm-Based Optimal Tuning of STATCOM for Voltage Control in a Wind Farm Integrated System

Poster BildiriDesign and Comparison of Salient Pole and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines

Poster BildiriProtective and Switching Devices Allocation According to Total Cost Minimization by Genetic Algorithm in Distribution Systems

Poster BildiriControl of Single Phase UPS Inverter Using Fuzzy Gain Scheduling of PI Controller

Çağrılı BildiriChallenges and Opportunities for Introducing Basic Circuits and Systems in Electrical Engineering Education

Çağrılı BildiriAn Evolution Towards System-on-Chip Oriented Curriculum

Çağrılı BildiriNew Trends in Circuit Design for Analog Signal Processing

Çağrılı BildiriExplicit Research Skill Development within Problem/Project Based Learning Approach

Çağrılı BildiriA Problem Based Learning Scenario Example for Control Education in Electrical-Electronics Engineering Programs

Çağrılı BildiriProblem Based Learning versus Project Based Learning in Electrical-Electronics Engineering Programs

Çağrılı BildiriEstimation and Evaluation of the 1oo4-Architecture for Safety Related Systemsa

Çağrılı BildiriModeling Security Aspects in Safety Environment

Çağrılı BildiriApproach to Predict the Software Reliability with Different Methods

Çağrılı BildiriA HiL Test Bench for Verification and Validation Purposes of Model-Based Developed Applications Using Simulink® and OPC DA Technology









Robust Maximum Power Point Tracking Method for a Stand-Alone PV Power System

All-optical High Speed Logic Gates Using SOA

Design of 3.3 - 3.3 GHz GaN HEMT Balanced Class E Power Amplifier

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