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Çağrılı BildiriUltra Wide-Band : State of The Art and Implementation of A Performance-Controllable Low-Noise Amplifier

Sözlü BildiriMeasurements of Harmonics at Office Equipments in a Large Office Building

Sözlü BildiriDeregulation of the Power Industry in Europe

Sözlü BildiriArtificial Neural Network-Based Fault Location in EHV Transmission Lines

Sözlü BildiriPower Flow Analysis of Power System Embedded with UPFC Using PSASP Program

Sözlü BildiriResearch on Influence of High Voltage Circuit Breakers' Characteristics on Switching Overvoltages and Overcurrents

Sözlü BildiriA Feed-Forward Amplifier Application for 802.11A WLAN Transceiver Architecture

Sözlü BildiriThe Realisation of Defuzzification Circuit Using Improved Differential Difference Current Conveyors

Sözlü BildiriMOS Class E Power Amplifier Optimization for Wireless Applications

Sözlü BildiriA New CMOS Differential OTRA Design for the Low Voltage Power Supplies in the Sub-Micron Technologies

Sözlü BildiriRm-C Filter Design for Low Voltage Power Supplies

Sözlü BildiriSecurity and DSPs in VoIP (Voice over IP) Networks

Sözlü BildiriHiding Information in Images

Sözlü BildiriSimulation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging Using Capon Spectrum Estimation Method

Sözlü BildiriNeural Network Based Automatic Threshold Selection fo an Industrial Vision System

Sözlü BildiriA New Image Clustering and Compression Method Based on Fuzzy Logic and Discrete Cosine Transform

Sözlü BildiriDefect Detection in a Cantilever Beam from Vibration Data

Poster BildiriAnalysing and Improving The Gain-Frequency Performance of Bandpass Filter Structured Distributed Amplifiers

Poster BildiriDouble Compensated Op-Amp Integrator

Poster BildiriAn Application of Envelope Elimination and Restoration Technique for Class-E RF Power Amplifiers

Poster BildiriA VLSI Implementation for Fast All-Boolean Motion Estimation Based on Pre-Coded Image Planes Matching

Poster BildiriFloating Gate MOS Transistor Based Low Voltage Neuron Design and XOR Problem Implementation

Poster BildiriMulti-User Secure Configuration Interface based on A Serial Port Switch

Poster BildiriLow-Power CMOS Bulk-Driven Weak-Inversion Accurate Current-Mode Multiplier/Divider Circuits

Poster BildiriA New Current Conveyor-Based Transimpedance Active Filter

Poster BildiriA New Synthesis Algorithm for Mixed Lumped-Distributed Low-Pass Ladder Networks via Artificial Neural Networks

Poster BildiriCurrent-Mode Universal Filter Implemented with DVCCs

Poster BildiriCurrent-Mode Oscillator Configuration Using Single Current Operational Amplifier

Poster BildiriComprasion for Volterra System Identification

Poster BildiriTime-Frequency Representation of Nonstationary Signals via Discrete Gabor Transform and Wigner Ville Distribution

Poster BildiriTraining of an Earthquake Detecting Neural Network by Using a Modified Evolutionary Algorithm

Poster BildiriMinimization of Jamming Effects for Planar Array Antennas by Using Adaptive Side Lobe Reduction Method in Space Domain

Sözlü BildiriEconomic and Minimum Emission Dispatch

Sözlü BildiriAn Efficient a-b-c Reference Frame-Based Algorithm in An Active Power Filter for Reactive Power Compensation Under Unbalanced Conditions

Sözlü BildiriImproved Differential Protection for Power Transformers

Sözlü BildiriInvestigation of Performance Improvement in A Solar Pumping System with Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)

Sözlü BildiriA Case Study of Power Estimations of Distribution Transformers in Residential Areas and Effects of Transformer Loads to Power Quality

Sözlü BildiriA Study on Band-Reject Filter Design using Third Generation Current Conveyors (CCIII)

Sözlü BildiriHardware Implementation of a Feedforward Neural Network using FPGAs

Sözlü BildiriNeural Network Based Transistor Modeling and Aspect Ratio Estimation for Yital 1.5 Micron Process

Sözlü BildiriAnalysis of Overcurrents Occurred During The Synchronous Startup of SMPSs

Sözlü BildiriLevel Restoration for Multi-Valued Logic Circuits

Sözlü BildiriOn-Line Identification of The Nuclear Power Plant Physical Parameters at Power Operation

Sözlü BildiriOn the Influence of Individual Features Coefficients Over Speaker Recognition

Sözlü BildiriOptimal Design of Minimum Phase Digital FIR Filters by Using Genetic Algorithm

Sözlü BildiriFrequency-Domain Wavelet Based Multiresolution Digital Watermarking

Sözlü BildiriPitch Detection for Monophonic Musical Notes

Poster BildiriA New Optimization Methods in the Syntesis of Multilayer Coating

Poster BildiriComparison of Physical Optics Integral and Exact Solution for Cylinder Problem

Poster BildiriFinding Failed Element Positions in Linear Antenna Arrays Using Genetic Algorithm

Poster BildiriInterference Rejection of Adaptive Array Antennas by using LMS and SMI Algorithms

Poster BildiriDesign of a Two Dimensional Microprocessor Based Parabolic Antenna Controller

Poster BildiriNeural Analysis of Bottom Shielded Multilayered Coplanar Waveguides

Poster BildiriThe Fuzzy Inference Approach to the Estimation of Upper Bound of Cell Loss Ratio for Connection Admission Control in ATM Networks

Poster BildiriConstruction and Minimal Trellis for (32, 16, 8) Decomposable Code

Poster BildiriCoding and Decoding of the Matroid Codes

Poster BildiriProcessing of ERS-2 Data for Istanbul by using Narrow Focus and Wide Focus Algorithms

Poster BildiriA New Look at BER Expression of a Coherent DS-CDMA Receiver with Weighted Despreading Function in a Realistic Fading Environment

Poster BildiriReal Time Implemantation of LMS Beamformer for CDMA2000 3G System using TI TMS320C6701 DSP

Poster BildiriUnconditional Maximum Likelihood Approach for Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems

Poster BildiriEMG Signal Classification Using Wavelet Transform and Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms

Poster BildiriImmuno Theory Applications in Neural Networks

Sözlü BildiriPredicting Rotor Position of Switched Reluctance Motor with the Use of Neural Networks

Sözlü BildiriSensorless Broken Bar Detection in Induction Machines

Sözlü BildiriRide-Through Compensation of An Industrial Mixer Drive Subjected to Voltage Sags

Sözlü BildiriRapid Control Prototyping Approach to Fuzzy Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor

Sözlü BildiriSensorless Drive of Brushless DC Motor Based Upon Wavelet Analysis

Sözlü BildiriDesign of First-Order Allpass Filters Employing Single Modified Third Generation Current Conveyor

Sözlü BildiriA 2.5 GHZ m µµµµ0.35 CMOS Mixer with Improved Linearity

Sözlü BildiriSuperior-Order Curvature-Corrected Programmable Voltage References

Sözlü BildiriA Realization of SC-CNN-Based Circuit Using FTFN

Sözlü BildiriCOM_TEST: A Test Pattern Generation System

Sözlü BildiriA Path Planning Method for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Sözlü BildiriBehaviour of a Water Supply System: A Modelling and Simulation Study of Activities with Some Experiments

Sözlü BildiriFault Tolerant Re-Configuring Sliding Mode Controller

Sözlü BildiriSignature Recognition and Verification with ANN

Sözlü BildiriSupervisory Control of a Pneumatic System Using PLC

Sözlü BildiriA Novel Automated Stator Transient Inductance Measurement Algorithm for Induction Motor Drives

Sözlü BildiriA Rule Based Controller for DC Motor Drives

Sözlü BildiriModeling and Simulation of A Self-Tuning Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller of An Indirect Field-Oriented Induction Machine Drive

Sözlü BildiriA Simple Harmonic Compensation Method for Nonlinear Loads Using Hysteresis Control Technique

Sözlü BildiriPerformance Improvement Investigations for High Current 20 kHz AC Link Inductor

Sözlü BildiriNeural Network Approach to The Extraction of Information About Conducting Cylinders from Amplitude-Only Data

Sözlü Bildiri2-D ARMA Model Parameter Estimation Based on the Equivalent 2-D AR Model Approach

Sözlü BildiriInverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging for Point Scatterers Using APES Algorithm

Sözlü BildiriAn Analysis on Synthetic Aperture Radar Data and Enhancement of Reconstructed Images

Sözlü BildiriPerformance Analysis of Maximum Likelihood 3-D Source Localization Algorithm

Sözlü BildiriA New Error Concealment Algorithm Utilizing Thumbnail Images and LSB Data Hiding Technique

Sözlü BildiriPrior Knowledge Input Method in Device Modeling

Sözlü BildiriA Framework for Designing Analog Scale Invariant Filters for 1/f and Self-Similar Processes

Sözlü BildiriDynamic Solver for Linear Optimization Problems

Sözlü BildiriVoltage to Frequency Converter with Phase Modulation Possibility

Sözlü BildiriA New Voltage-Mode KHN-Biquad Using Differential Difference Current Conveyors

Sözlü BildiriA New Voltage Scaling Type Digital-Analog Converter Using Only DDCCS

Poster BildiriDynamic Balancing System and its Control

Poster BildiriAn Approach to Robot Motion for Conveyor Tracking Using Neural Network

Poster BildiriExperimental Identification of an Electromechanical System Running in Open-Loop Conditions

Poster BildiriHome and Factory Automation via SMS

Poster BildiriOptical Size Control System of Extruded Products

Poster BildiriSolving Vehicle Parking and Barrier Crossing Problems with Neural Networks

Poster BildiriRemote Control of Water Pump Stations with Microcontroller

Poster BildiriA Microcontroller Based Measurement System for Permittivity Determination Using Free-Space Method

Poster BildiriComparision of Fuzzy and Neural Fuzzy Controller in Solution of the Vehicle Parking Problem

Poster BildiriExperimental Evaluation of Polynomial Robust H∞ Adaptive Control for a DC Motor

Çağrılı BildiriModelling and Designing of Industrial Microwave Applicators: Theoretical and Practical Approaches

Sözlü BildiriImpacts of Distributed Generators on the Oscillatory Stability of Interconnected Power Systems

Sözlü BildiriBasic Analysis Tools for Power Transient Waveforms

Sözlü BildiriThe Effect of Generation Capacity Expansion on the Reliability Indices

Sözlü BildiriElectric Power Market Models in Developing Countries

Sözlü BildiriEvaluation of Visibility Level Formula in Road Lighting with Field Measurements

Sözlü BildiriModeling and Simulation of Microstrip Patch Antennas via the FDTD Technique

Sözlü BildiriScattering by a Lossy Composite Post in A Waveguide

Sözlü BildiriReal Frequency Design of Broadband Microwave Amplifiers with Mixed Lumped and Distributed Element EqualIzers for MMIC�s

Sözlü BildiriSoft Computing Methods in Microwave Active Device Modeling

Sözlü BildiriEarly Age Investigation and Measurement of Reflection and Transmission Properties of Cement-Based Samples

Sözlü BildiriCellular Mobile Radio System Design Using Path Loss Calculations

Sözlü BildiriHybrid SR ARQ Scheme Using Rate 2/3 4-STATE Asymmetric TCM and Code Combining Technique for AWGN Channel

Sözlü BildiriThe Spectrum Efficiency for Optimum Combining of Signals with Multiple Interferers and Thermal Noise

Sözlü BildiriComparative Performance Analysis of MPLS over ATM and IP over ATM Methods for Multimedia Transfer Applications

Sözlü BildiriParallel Interference Cancellation with Neural Network in the CDMA Systems

Sözlü BildiriA Novel Approach for Determining the Surface Roughness Factor of Stranded Conductors

Sözlü BildiriEffect of Macroscopic Electrode Surface Roughness on Breakdown and Corona Inception Voltages in SF6 + N2 Gas Mixtures

Sözlü BildiriDC Current Measurement for High Voltage Equipments by Electro-Optic Methods

Sözlü BildiriSolution of Electrostatic Field Problem with Parabolic Boundary Elements

Sözlü BildiriDetermination of Critical Impulse Breakdown Voltage by Artificial Neural Network

Sözlü BildiriDesigned Terminal Device Of Microcontroller Based IP Telephony System

Sözlü BildiriEvaluation of Birefringence and Mode Coupling Length Effects on Polarization Mode Dispersion in Optical Fibers

Sözlü BildiriAnalysis of Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers

Sözlü BildiriAdaptive MMSE Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems

Sözlü BildiriMaximum A Posteriori Channel Estimation for Space-Frequency Block Coded OFDM Systems

Sözlü BildiriVolumetric CSG Graph and its Voxelization

Sözlü BildiriNonlinear Programming Based Sliding Mode Control of An Inverted Pendulum

Sözlü BildiriAdaptive Biomass Observer on the Basis of Measurements of Oxygen

Sözlü BildiriDevelopment of a Fuzzy Control Program to Reduce Uncertainty in the Measurement of DC HV Resistive Dividers

Sözlü BildiriEKF Based Speed Sensorless Direct Torque Control System for Ims

Poster BildiriClassification of Harmonic Distortions as a Function of Angle (A) Using Fuzzy Classification in Full-Bridge, Single-Phase Inverter and Active Filter

Poster BildiriOptimal Low-Voltage Distribition Network Design Using Genetic Algortihms

Poster BildiriHarmonic Analysis of an Industrial System

Poster BildiriAn Evaluation of Time Domain Techniques for Compensating Currents of Shunt Active Power Filters

Poster BildiriAn Intelligent Monitoring System for Electric Power Variation in a Nuclear Power Plant

Poster BildiriElectrification Programme with Solar Energy in Remote Region: A Case Study for a Remote Village in Turkey

Poster BildiriCombination of Spectral and Multi-Resolution Wavelet Analysis for Fault Detection in Electric Motors

Poster BildiriSensorless Speed Prediction of Induction Machines by Using Fluctuation of Zero Crossings of Motor Current

Poster BildiriPredicting Hottest Spot Temperature in Self-Cooled Dry-Type Transformer

Poster BildiriAdaptive Hysteresis Band Control for Constant Switching Frequency in Direct Torque Control of Induction Machine Drives

Çağrılı BildiriSome Approaches and Results on Communication Security

Sözlü BildiriInvestigations on Polarization Mode Dispersion Performance of Non-Zero Dispersion Fiber Ribbon Cables Under Different Structural and Environmental Conditions

Sözlü BildiriSome TCP Traffic Shaping Simulation Analyses in ATM Networks

Sözlü BildiriUltrasound Image Segmentation with Growing Cell Structure

Sözlü BildiriCardiopulmonary Exercise Testing System for Medicine, Fitnes and Rehabilitation

Sözlü BildiriMedian Filters Theory and Applications

Sözlü BildiriComputation of Association Probabilities for Single Target Tracking with the Use of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System

Sözlü BildiriAdaptive Neural Network Control of a DC Motor

Sözlü BildiriAn Implementation of Peak Observer Based Self-Tuning Fuzzy PID-Type Controller on PLC

Sözlü BildiriChoosing the Right Hardware for the Beowulf Clusters Considering Price/Performance Ratio

Sözlü BildiriA Monopolar Electrostatic Probe for Geophysical Electric Field Measurements

Sözlü BildiriMultilayer Capacitor Model of the Earth’s Upper Crust

Poster BildiriSpeed Control of Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Machine Using Sliding Mode Controller

Poster BildiriNumerical Simulation of Transient Characteristics of Power IGBT Device and A Study on its Short Circuit

Poster BildiriA Numerical Power IGBT Model and Analysis of Improving Suppression of its Latching

Poster BildiriVariable Gain PI Speed Control of a Direct Torque Neuro Fuzzy Controlled Induction Motor Drive

Poster BildiriA New Circuit for Three-Phase to Three-Phase AC/AC Matrix Converters

Poster BildiriComparison of Two General Control Method for Three-Phase to Three-Phase AC/AC Matrix Converters

Poster BildiriA Shunt Active Power Filter Control for Unbalanced Conditions

Poster BildiriFrequency and Duty Cycle Control Considerations for Soft-Swithing Buck Chopper

Poster BildiriStudy of Some Characteristics of The Thyristor System for Synchronous Machine Drive or Generator without Transformers

Poster BildiriElectric Field and Potential Distributions Along A Channel Filled with An Electrolyte Modelling Polluted High Voltage Insulator

Poster BildiriDynamic Approach with a Multi-Brances Model of the Flashover on Insulating Polluted Surfaces Supplied

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