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Notes for Authors

Extended submission deadline of full paper: 30 June 2003

The authors are kindly requested to send their full papers in English by e-mail in electronic format (PS or PDF, max. 1 Mb) until June 30, 2003 to the following e-mail address:

                                                e-mail: eleco@emo.org.tr

The e-mail messages should be arranged as a cover sheet (paper submission form) containing:

  • full title of the paper;
  • name and affiliation of authors;
  • related paper topics (first and second choice);
  • corresponding author (name, postal & e-mail addresses, telephone & fax numbers);

The paper should be prepared as specified below:

  • The manusc ripts must be prepared in double - column format on A4 (210 mm x 297 mm or 8.3‘‘ x 11.7‘‘) size paper. Proceedings CD of the conference will be compiled from these manusc ripts.

  • Five pages are allowed for each paper (including title, author(s), abstract, text, figures, tables and references).

  • The margins around each page must be as follows:
    top = 3 cm, bottom = 3 cm, left = 2 cm, right = 2 cm.

  • The width of each column must be 8.2 cm. The column separation is 0.5 cm.

  • The first page of the manusc ript must contain the title of the paper, author‘s name (s) and affiliation(s) all centered on the top of the page and spanning both columns. The top margin for the title on the first page is 5 cm. There must be one-line separations between the title, the author name(s) and the author affiliation(s). A two - line separation is required between the author affiliation(s) and the start of the main text.

  • A brief abstract not exceeding 50 words must be included at the beginning of the paper, on top of the left column.

  • Please use Times New Roman font and single-space typing.

  • The font sizes should be as follows:

      Title                                         14 bold ALL CAPITALS

      Author(s)                                  12

      Affiliation(s)                              10 italic

      Abstract                                    9 bold

      Subsc ripts, Supersc ripts           7

      Headings                                   10 bold

      Main Text                                  10


  • Section headings must be typed in all capital letters and numbered with Roman numerals. All headings are to be centered on the respective columns.

  • Please indicate suitable topic of your paper (such as: power electronics).

  • You should use the sample paper in Microsoft Word 97 to help you prepare your manusc ript.

  • Download template for Paper Format.

  • The accepted authors will be notified by e-mail latest 12 September 2003. The first named author‘s address will be used for all correspondences unless otherwise requested. All papers accepted for presentation at the conference will appear in the proceedings CD of the conference if at least one of the authors‘ conference fees is paid before 3 November 2003.

  • The official language of the conference is English.
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