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Çağrılı BildiriEffects of Electromagnetic Fields on Human Beings and Electronic Devices

Sözlü BildiriUPFC for Controlling Power Flow in Power Systems

Sözlü BildiriComputer Relaying for Transmission Lines

Sözlü BildiriOptimum Switching Instants Calculation for Synchronized Switching Applications

Sözlü BildiriInterphase and Ground Faults Detection for High Speed Transmission Line Protection Using Artificial Neural Network and The One-Terminal Current Data

Sözlü BildiriDetailed Model For Power System Transient Stability Analysis

Sözlü BildiriThe CMOS Inverter As A Comparator in ADC Designs

Sözlü BildiriAll-Silicon Optical Technology for Contactless Testing of Integrated Circuits

Sözlü BildiriFabrication and Characterisation of Ingaas/Ingaasp/Inp Long Wavelength Semiconductor Lasers

Sözlü BildiriStudies on The Optimization of Material Parameters of Some Thermoelectric Signal Amplifiers

Sözlü BildiriNovel Otra-Based Grounded Parallel Immitance Simulator Topologies

Sözlü BildiriFuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Modelling and Control of Nonlinear Systems

Sözlü BildiriRobust Speed Control of An Indirect Field-Oriented Induction Machine Drive Using Fuzzy Logic Control

Sözlü BildiriRobust Controller Design for Speed Control of An Indirect Field Oriented Induction Machine Drive

Sözlü BildiriOn System Decomposition with Similarity Hierarchical Structure

Sözlü BildiriOn Isomorphic Decomposition And Controllability of Symmetry Nonlinear Control Systems

Sözlü BildiriFuzzy Logic Control of The Energy Storage Capacitor of A Three Phase Active Power Filter in Unbalanced Network

Sözlü BildiriA New Advanced Control Strategy for A Series Active Power Quality Conditioner Under Disturbances

Sözlü BildiriInvestigation of Thermostat-Set Control As A New Direct Load Control Method

Sözlü BildiriAmpacity Analysis of XLPE Insulated HV Underground Cable Using Finite Element Method

Sözlü Bildiri3-Phase Harmonic Modeling of Unbalanced and Distorted Power System Loads

Sözlü BildiriA New Low Distortion Analog Multiplier

Sözlü BildiriBehavioural/Macro Modelling To Speed-Up Analogue Fault Simulation

Sözlü BildiriTransresistance Multifunction Filter Using Current Feedback Amplifier

Sözlü BildiriConstant Number Parallel Multipliers

Sözlü BildiriAn FPGA Optimized Implementation Of The Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm

Sözlü BildiriPID Controller Design of A Robot Manipulator

Sözlü BildiriA Study of Vision Based Robot Control Using Generalized Predictive Control

Sözlü BildiriDecomposition of Turbulent Velocity Signals Using Moving Average Filter

Sözlü BildiriActive Control of Machine Tool Spindle Vibrations Using An Electromagnetic Bearing

Sözlü BildiriElectronic Travel Aid for The Blind

Sözlü BildiriDesign, Implementation and Performance Analysis of A CAN/ATM LAN Bridge

Sözlü BildiriA Study on The Conventional and Fuzzy Control Steel-Cutting Process

Sözlü BildiriA New Methodology for Design A Fuzzy Logic Controllers

Sözlü BildiriDetermination of Fuzzy Logic Controller Membership Functions Using Tabu Search Algorithm: An Application to Fiber Optic Sensor

Sözlü BildiriA New Self-Tuning Blending Mechanism for Fuzzy PI And PD Controllers

Sözlü BildiriFuzzy Logic PI Control Applied to Static VAR Compensator Using N.P.C Inverter Topology

Sözlü BildiriHigh Efficiency and High Current Inductor Design for 20 kHz Parallel Resonant AC Link

Sözlü BildiriAnalysis and Simulation of Parallel Active Power Filter for Three Phase Systems with 12 Pulse Load

Sözlü BildiriThree-Phase Sinusoidal Current AC-DC Converter

Sözlü BildiriDevelopment of Power-Electronic Simulation Software

Sözlü BildiriInductorless Realisation of Mixed-Mode Chaotic Circuit

Sözlü BildiriImplementation of Multi-Valued Logic Gates Using Full Current-Mode CMOS Circuits

Sözlü BildiriEffects of Charge Injection Error on Switched Current Divider Circuits

Sözlü BildiriNovel Notch and Bandpass Filter Structures Using OTAS and OPAMS

Sözlü BildiriImproving The Gain-Frequency Performance of Cascaded Single-Stage Distributed Amplifiers with Bandpass Filter Structure

Poster BildiriRealization of A High Output Empedance CMOS DO-OTA with Extended Linearity Range

Poster BildiriAn Optoelectronic System That Measures The Linear Speed of Moving Objects

Poster BildiriAn 8-Bit 50-MS/s CMOS Digital-Analog Converter

Poster BildiriAn Application of Weibull Distribution To Hot Carrier Degradation In Threshold Voltage And Drain Current of Mos Transistors

Poster BildiriCramer-Rao Bounds for The Near-Field Source Parameters

Poster BildiriThe Effects of Orthodontic Treatment on Temporomandibular Joint Sounds

Poster BildiriGround Penetrating Imaging Radar – Results to Date

Poster BildiriSpectrum Estimation Using 2-D Orthogonal Lattice Structures

Poster BildiriImage Stabilization by Kalman Filtering Using A Constant Velocity Camera Model with Adaptive Process Noise

Poster BildiriA Kalman Filter Algorithm For Generalized Moving Windowing

Poster BildiriSAR Raw Data Compression with DCT-BAQ.

Poster BildiriVelocity Imaging System for Detection of Moving Scatterers

Poster BildiriNumerical Implementation of Transform Operators Method for Composite Waveguide in Time-Domain

Poster BildiriEffects of Electromagnetic Fields On Human Bodies and Comparision of International Standards and Measurements of Some Base Stations

Çağrılı BildiriPower Electronics for Space and its Fall-Out to Ground

Çağrılı BildiriCommon-Mode Control Techniques for Low Voltage Continuous-Time Analog Signal Processors

Sözlü BildiriEstimation Of Close Signals In Gaussian Auto-Regressive Noise: Worst And Best Case Cramér-Rao Bounds

Sözlü BildiriImage Compression Using 2-D Multiple Level Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)

Sözlü BildiriA Split Memory Scheme For Efficient Implementation Of FFT Algorithm

Sözlü BildiriAirborne Weather Radar As An Instrument For Automatic Mapping

Sözlü BildiriIsar Image Formation Using A New Quadratic Interpolation Function

Sözlü BildiriCharacteristics Estimation of Travelling-Wave Ultrasonic Motor Using Equivalent Circuit Model

Sözlü BildiriTemperature Distribution in The Disc-Type Coil of Transformer Winding

Sözlü BildiriSimulation and Modeling of Vector Controlled 3-Phase Matrix Converter Induction Motor Drive

Sözlü BildiriReduction Generator Models Depending on Fault Position

Sözlü BildiriRobust Power System Stabiliser Design Based on u - Synthesis

Sözlü BildiriTime-Domain Modeling of Transient Processes in Open Resonance Structures

Sözlü BildiriExcitation Of Rectangular Cavity By Walsh Functions

Sözlü BildiriMethod Active Suppression Of An Industrial Frequency Electromagnetic Field

Sözlü BildiriMicrowave Cross-Bridge For Liquid Materials Parameters Measurements

Sözlü BildiriAutomated Scan Measurement Method (Asm2) For Shielding Effectiveness Of Enclosures

Poster BildiriA Desing Method for A Wide Class of Industrial Processes

Poster BildiriMonitoring Temperature Using A Microcontroller with A High-Level Language

Poster BildiriPC Control Card for 3 DOF Manipulator Control

Poster BildiriDesign of A Fuzzy Controller of PH By The Genetic Algorithm

Poster BildiriA Comparative Study of PWM Control Techniques for Multilevel Cascaded Inverter

Poster BildiriTemperature Control Applications By Means of A PIC16F877 Microcontroller

Poster BildiriPC-Based Cost Effective Data Acquisition and Control

Poster BildiriArtificial Neural Network Based Speed Estimator for Vector Controlled Induction Motor

Poster BildiriVmail / An Application for A Secure E-Mail Transmission Using Encrypting Techniques

Poster BildiriA Secure Session Management System Using MD5 Algorithm

Poster BildiriVisual Basic Application of The Earley Algorithm

Poster BildiriOn Vehicle License Plate Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks

Sözlü BildiriThe Use of ANN and 3-Point Matching for Objects Recognition and Localization in Occlusion Environment

Sözlü BildiriCommon Vector Approach in Multi-Class Problems and Its Relation to Fisher's Linear Discriminant Analysis

Sözlü BildiriThe Combination Of Steerable Filters And CNN For Edge Detection Application

Sözlü BildiriBlind Maximum Likelihood Channel Estimation For Space-Time Coding Systems

Sözlü BildiriSatellite Image Fusion With Wavelet Decomposition

Sözlü BildiriNumerical Simulation Of A Two-Dimensional Circular Reflector Antenna System By The Method Of Moments

Sözlü BildiriE Shaped Antennas (ESA)

Sözlü BildiriFull-Wave Modeling Of Micro-Strip Step Discontinuity

Sözlü BildiriA Comparative Study Of Neural Networks For Resonant Frequency Computation Of Electrically Thin And Thick Circular Microstrip Antennas

Sözlü BildiriArray Pattern Nulling Using Simulated Annealing Technique By Controlling Only The Element Amplitudes

Sözlü BildiriComparison of The Calculated and Experimental Results for Visibility Level on The Road

Sözlü BildiriAutomatic Generation Control with Fuzzy Logic Controller in The Power System Including Three Areas

Sözlü BildiriEvolution of The Potential Taken from A Channel Filled with An Electrolyte Submitted to An Electrical Discharge Energized by An Alternative Current and Correlation with The Emitted Light

Sözlü BildiriModelling and Simulation of Synchronous Machines Using Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference Systems

Sözlü BildiriA Study of Silicon Solar Cells and Modules Using Pspice Reflections on Power Supply Design

Poster BildiriCurrent Reduction Factor of A Compound Cable Line

Poster BildiriModelling and Simulation of The Combined Heat and Power Plant of A Real Industrial System

Poster BildiriBifurcation Theory and Its Application To Electrical Power System

Poster BildiriDirect Torque Control of Induction Motor in Wide Speed Region

Poster BildiriComparison of Flux Linkage Estimators in Position Sensorless Switched Reluctance Motor Drives

Poster BildiriNeuro-Fuzzy Controller Used to Control The Speed of An Induction Motor

Poster BildiriStatic Analysis of Mutually Coupled Switched Reluctance Motor with Finite Element Method

Poster BildiriInvestigation of Magnetic Characteristics and Simulation of Switched Reluctance Motor

Poster BildiriA New Genertal Active Snubber Cell For DC/DC Converters

Poster BildiriA High Power Factor Converter with Zero Current Switching

Poster BildiriA Rank Correlation Based Coherency Measure for Power Systems

Poster BildiriA Control Strategy For Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) Using Instantaneous Symmetrical Components Theory

Poster BildiriA Facts Technique for Converting Existing Ac Transmission Into HVDC (And Back)

Poster BildiriCalculating Stability of Numerical Models for Calculation of Overvoltage At Commutations of Protective Devices

Poster BildiriDetermination of The New Model Parameters Taking Into Account The Coroning of The Electrical Transmission Line Wires

Poster BildiriLoad-Frequency Control with Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage by Using NN Controller

Sözlü BildiriAnalysis of Performance Degradation in UTP Cables and Its Effects on LAN Applications

Sözlü BildiriHierarchical Design of 3D Meshes in Representation/Storage of Volume Data for Multimedia Applications

Sözlü BildiriSome Relationships Between Observables of Doppler-Polarimetric Radar and Rain Parameters

Sözlü BildiriA New Method for Obtaining The Sentivities of Planar Microstrip Structures by A Full-Wave Analysis

Sözlü BildiriOrder Selection in Autoregressive Power Spectrum Estimation of Sleep EEG

Sözlü BildiriPlatform Effect Reduction Between Antennas Using Antenna Coupling Nthetic Aperture Radar (Acsar) Imaging Concept

Sözlü BildiriModelling Of Propagation Over Non-Homogeneous Earth With Parabolic Equation Method

Sözlü BildiriElectromagnetic Properties Of Cement-Based Materials Over Time At Microwave Frequencies

Sözlü BildiriFabrication of A Thin Film Exponential Transmission Lines by Sperconducting Materials for High Speed Communication Devices

Sözlü BildiriApplication Of Genetic Algorithms To The Synthesis Of Transmission Lines For Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits

Sözlü BildiriDesign of DC Motor Fuzzy-Pi Controller Using Genetic Algorithms

Sözlü BildiriNeural Network Speed Controller for Induction Motor Based on Feedback Linearization

Sözlü BildiriError Analysis of A Stewart Platform

Sözlü BildiriRobust Internal Model Control of Asvc-Based Var Flow Compensation

Sözlü BildiriArbitrary Stability Degree For Uncertain Systems with Internal Delay By Linear Control

Çağrılı BildiriRecent Developments in Electrical Motors and Drives

Çağrılı BildiriJammer Excision in Spread Spectrum Communications via Diacrete Evolutionary Transform

Poster BildiriFinite-Difference Modeling of The Transient Radiation from Coaxiel Waveguide

Poster BildiriFabrication of A Thin Film Low Noise Amlifier For Use In High Speed Communication Devices Using Sputter Technique

Poster BildiriRemote Protocols and Security (Repas) Laboratory and Its Applications

Poster BildiriA Code Selection Criterion for A DS-CDMA System Using Despreading Sequences Weighted by Stepping Chip Waveforms

Poster Bildiri3G Technology Which Can Provide Augmented Data Transfer Rates for GSM Standarts and The Modulation Techniques

Poster BildiriAdaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Aided Kalman Filter for Target Tracking

Poster BildiriRelative Intensity Noise for Mode-Locked Hybrit Solition Pulse Source

Poster BildiriNew Parameters for EMG Classification

Poster BildiriAnalysis of Axonal Response to Sinusoidal Stimulation Based on Squid Giant Axon

Poster BildiriAs a Generation Function: Boundary Value of a pn - Junction

Poster BildiriEffect of Noise on Mode-Locked Hybrid Soliton Pulse Source

Poster BildiriProtocols and Architectures on The Platform for The Distributed Applications

Poster BildiriTemperature and Mechanical Stress Monitoring of High Voltage Cables Using Fiber-Bragg Gratings

Poster BildiriRaman Scattering and OTDR Based Distributed Sensor for Temperature Monitoring Applications

Sözlü BildiriOn The Chaose-Based Cryptography Using Classical Cryptographical Algorithms

Sözlü BildiriOptimal Hardware Algorithm for Improved Spike and Overload Error of Adaptive Delta Modem

Sözlü BildiriTCP Traffic Shaping In ATM Networks

Sözlü BildiriThe Comparison Of Fuzzy Inference Systems And Neural Network Approaches With Anfis Method For Fuel Consumption Data

Sözlü BildiriThe Erica Algorithm for ABR Traffic in ATM Networks

Sözlü BildiriSensorless Speed and Direct Torque Control of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Based on Extended Kalman Filter

Sözlü BildiriA Study on The Dynamic Analysis and Control of 6-3 Stewart Platform Mechanism

Sözlü BildiriAnalysis and Comparison of Space Vector Modulation Schemes For Inverter with Sinusoidal Output Current By Using DSP Controller

Sözlü BildiriA New Method For Reservoir Control of Dams

Sözlü BildiriDeveloping An Application of RSA Algorithm with Java

Sözlü BildiriTheoretical and Experimental Study of Electromagnetic Fields Around High Power Transformer

Sözlü BildiriDesign And Realization of A New Type Electric Field Probe (400MHz-1GHz)

Sözlü BildiriSpice Modeling of Interface Traps

Sözlü BildiriGait Trainer for Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Sözlü BildiriContribution of Individual Voltage-Gated Ionic Currents in Cerebellar Purkinje Cell Somata to Peak Somatic Membrane Potential

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