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The Effect of Overlap between Absorption Coefficients on the Variation of Current Densities in Intermediate Band Solar Cells

Comparative Study of Mathematical Methods for Parameters Calculation of Current-voltage Characteristic of Photovoltaic Module

Design and Implementation of a Domestic Solar-Wind Hybrid Energy System

Economic Optimization of Stand Alone and Grid Connected Hybrid Energy Systems

Design Methodology for Autonomous Operation of a Micro-grid

New Method for Converting Sea Wave Energy

Effects of Electric Arc Furnace Loads on Synchronous Generators and Asynchronous Motors

Effects of Multiple Loads in a Contactless, Inductively Coupled Linear Power Transfer System

Investigation of the Control Voltage and Reactive Power in Wind Farm Load Bus by STATCOM and SVC

Stability of a Two-Area Automatic Generation Control System with Communication Delays

Probability of Small-Signal Stability of Power Systems in the Presence of Communication Delays

Determination of Voltage Stability Critical Loading Values Using Simulated Annealing

Comparison of Statistical Methods and Wavelet Energy Coefficients for Determining Two Common PQ Disturbances: Sag and Swe

A Research and Solution Proposal for Reactive Power Problems in North Cyprus Industries

A Novel Active Filter Strategy for Power Mitigation and Quality Enhancements in a Stand-Alone WECS

Operation of Shunt Active Power Filter under Unbalanced and Distorted Load Conditions

Çağrılı BildiriComposite Power System Reliability Modeling and Evaluation Considering Aging Components

A Novel Routine Test Schedule for Protective Systems Using an Extended Component-Based Reliability Mod

Identification of Low Frequency Oscillations in Power System

The Monitoring of Energy Consumptions in an Urban Transportation System

Analyses and Monitoring of 132 kV Grid using ETAP Software

A Novel Strategy for Controlling a Group of Distributed Static Series Compensators

Operation of Shunt Active Power Filter under Unbalanced and Distorted Load Conditions

Çağrılı BildiriComposite Power System Reliability Modeling and Evaluation Considering Aging Components

A Novel Routine Test Schedule for Protective Systems Using an Extended Component-Based Reliability Model

Identification of Low Frequency Oscillations in Power System

The Monitoring of Energy Consumptions in an Urban Transportation System

Analyses and Monitoring of 132 kV Grid using ETAP Software

A Novel Strategy for Controlling a Group of Distributed Static Series Compensators

A Swarm Optimization Based Load Frequency Control Application in a Two Area Thermal Power System

Solution to Lossy Short-Term Hydrothermal Coordination Problem with Limited Energy Supply Thermal Units by Using First Order Gradient Method

Neutral to Earth Voltage Reduction Methods in Three-Phase Four Wire Distribution Systems

Three Dimensional Grounding Grid Design

Comparative Review of Multi-Phase Apparent Power Definitions

Comparative Review of Multi-Phase Apparent Power Definitions

Accurate Non-Iterative Fault Location Algorithm for Three-Terminal Line

Determining Wave Propagation Characteristics of MV XLPE Power Cable using Time Domain Reflectometry Technique

A Novel Reflectometer for Cable Fault Analysis with Pulse Reflection Method

Sliding Mode Sensorless Control of Symmetrical Six-Phase Induction Machines

A Sliding Mode Speed and Flux Control of a Doubly Fed Induction Machine

Novel Approach to Sensorless Control of Induction Motors

On-line Rotor Time Constant Estimation for Induction Motor using Two New Methods, RLS and SDBP Algorithms

Effect of Unbalanced Voltage on Operation of Induction Motors and Its Detection

Effects of Distribution Network Unbalance Voltage Types in Respect to Identical Unbalance Factor on the Induction Motors

An Investigation on Slot Configuration in New Generation of Synchronous Generators based on XLPE Cables

Design and Optimization of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines with Using Taguchi Approach

Power Generation and Active Filtering of Harmonic Currents Using a New Synchronous Generator for Wind Power Applications

Parameter Identification of Synchronous Machine by DC Chopper Excitation Signals

Evaluation of Permissible Loading for Indoor Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformers

Flying Capacitor Multicell Converter Based DVR with Energy Minimized Compensation Strategy

Modeling and Simulation of a New Single Phase AC-AC Converter

A New LVI Assisted PSPWM DC-DC Converter

Pure Sinusoidal Input Voltage Based Bridgeless PFC Converter Using TMS320F2812 Digital Signal Processor

High performance DPC for PWM converters

A Novel Hybrid Active Filter for Power Quality Improvement and Neutral Current Cancellation

Using PV in Distribution Network to Supply Local Loads and Power Quality Enhancement

An Improved Transformerless Hybrid Active Power Filter with Adjustable Reactive Power Compensation Capability

Rapid Prototyping Applications on Three-Phase PWM Rectifier and Shunt Active Power Filter

Analysis of Shunt Active Power Filters Using PSCAD for Parallel Operation

Voltage Gain Comparison of Different Control methods of the Z-Source Inverter

A New Topology for Multilevel Current Source Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches

Comparison of SPWM Technique and Selective Harmonic Elimination Using Genetic Algorithm

A Robust SVM Technique to Minimize the Effects of Unbalanced Voltage Disturbances

A Single Stage Flyback Power Supply Unit for LED lighting Applications

Electronic Ballast of the Electrode-less Lamp for the Group Lighting System

A Current Controlled Two Channel Audio Amplifier Using Three Phase Full Bridge Circuit

Analog Controller for Photovoltaic Array Fed Inverter Driven Single Phase Induction Motor

An Application Study about SMPS Design and Reduction of Common Mode Noises

Design of a Three-Phase Unity Power Factor Single-Stage Telecom Rectifier

Modern Transformerless Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Systems

Application of Adaptive Droop Method to Boost Converters Operating at the Output of Fuel Cells

The Study of Maximum Loading Point in Investigation of Capacitor Performance with Power Electronic Shunt Devices

Modeling Flashover Voltage (FOV) of Polluted HV Insulators Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)

The Effect of Colemanite on Dielectric Properties of Polymers

Preliminary Partial Discharge Measurements with a Computer Aided Partial Discharge Detection System

Determination of Voltage Level from Audible DC Corona Noise by Using Neural Network

Improved Model of Circuit-Breaker’s Dielectric Strength Restoration

The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Electricity Consumption

New Series Active Power Filter for Computers Loads and Small Non-Linear Loads

Transmission Line Transposition

Methods for Preventing Voltage Collapse

Assessment of Voltage Stability of Electrical Power Systems: A Simulational Survey

Particle Swarm Optimization based Optimal Power Flow for Units with Non-Smooth Fuel Cost Functions

Comparison and Detection of Abnormal Conditions in Induction Motors

Solution to Environmental Economic Power Dispatch Problems in Hydrothermal Power Systems by Using Genetic Algorithm

Power Dispatch of Hydrothermal Coordination Using Evolutionary Algorithm

Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) Allocation in Power System with Different Algorithm

Impact of Consumption Management to Consumers Electricity Security Indicator

Study of Rotor Asymmetry by Finite Element Method of the Induction Machine

On-line Monitoring and Diagnosis of Broken Rotor Bars in Induction Motor

A Comparative Study of Matrix Converter Based DTC with Complete Vectors Application and an Improved Predictive Torque Control Using Two-Level Inverter

Speed Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Using Model Reference Adaptive System

A New Linear Switched Reluctance Motor with MagLev Effect

Compensation of Voltage Sags and Swells Using Z-Source AC-AC Converter

A Novel Switching Signals Generation Method for Hybrid Multilevel Inverters

An Improved Zero-Voltage-Transition Interleaved Boost Converter with High Power Factor

Real Time Implementation of a Digital Controlled Boost Converter

The Design and Implementation of a Microcontroller-Based Single Phase On-Line Uninterrupted Power Supply with Power Factor Correction

Scalar PWM Implementation Methods for Three-phase Three-wire Inverters

Çağrılı BildiriFully Automated Design of Analog Circuits using Genetic Operation and Simplified Transistor Model

Current Follower Macromodel for Active Circuit Simulation

New SRCO with Explicit Current-mode Output Using Two CCs and Grounded Capacitors

Four Quadrant FGMOS Multiplier

A Multi-Operand Adder Circuit Design Using Novel Multi-Valued Current Mode Design Technique

Current-Mode Multifunction Filters Using a Single FDCCII

Çağrılı BildiriMemristors: The Fourth Fundamental Circuit Element

Feedback Systems with Memristors

Electronically-Controllable Floating Inductor Using OMA with Enhanced Input Dynamic Range

A New Power Analysis Resistant SRAM Cell

Four-point Probe and FTIR Characterization of Bilayers Films based on Silicon Annealed at 850°C

Transfer Matrix Factorization Based Synthesis of Resistively Terminated LC Ladder Networks

Digital Chaotic Systems Examples and Application for Data Transmission

Voltage-Mode Universal Filters Employing Single Modified Current Feedback Operational Amplifier (MCFOA)

Real Time Implementation of Hybrid Sine Wave Reference Generator Based on PLL and DLT

Circuit Analysis Strategy and Algorithm Based on the Diakoptic Segregation Procedure

Gall Bladder Ultrasonic Image Analysis by Using Discrete Wavelet Transform

A Classification Based Methodology for Estimation of State-of-Health of Rechargeable Batteries

A Concatenative Turkish Text-to-Speech System and Evaluation Process

Prediction of Traffic in the Contact Centers

Evaluating Clustering Methods for Classification of Marble Slabs in an Automatized Industrial Marble Inspection System

Asynchronous Signal Processing for Brain-Computer Implants

High Capacity Image Watermarking in the Joint Spatio-Frequency Domain

Gradual Shot Change Detection in Soccer Videos via Fractals

Feature Reduction Method Using Self Organizing Maps

Estimating Autoregressive Moving Average Model Orders of Non-Gaussian Processes

Modeling of High Power Led Illumination Distribution Using ANN

Investigation of the Most Suitable Location Finding Techniques for GSM1800 Network

Zero Error Split Step FDTD Method for Narrow Band Applications

Design and Ground Plane Consideration of a CPW-Fed UWB Antenna

Design of a Small Printed Monopole Antenna for Ultra-Wideband Applications

Small-sized Reconfigurable Antenna for Ultra-wideband, C-band and X-band Operation

A New and Practical Formulation of Bistatic Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging and Verification of the Formulation using Numerical Examples

Dielectric Resonator Oscillator Perturbed with Lossless Dielectrics

A Model for Magnetic Actuation of the Artificial Multicilia

A Method for Minimizing the Phase Errors of Rotman Lenses

Patient Oriented Neural Networks to Overcome Challenges of Abdominal Organ Segmentation in CT Angiography Studies

Integrated Sensors

Synchronization of Different Chaotic Systems Using Generalized Active Control

Performance Comparison According to Number of Wavelengths and Topologies on PCSA Reservation Mechanism for OBS

Design and Simulation of a Micro-Electro-Mechanical Switch

Hybrid Models for SQUID Behavior

Implementation of Underwater Communication with TMS320VC5509A DSK

Performance of MRC and EGC Antenna Diversity Reception for M-QAM over Ricean Fading Environment with PSAM and LMMSE Channel Estimation

Associativity Tick Averaged Associativity Based Routing (ATAABR) for Real-Time Mobile Networks

Optimization Based Synthesis Methods to Design Multi-Channel Sampled Fiber Bragg Gratings with Phase-Shift

Numerical Modelling and Optimization of SiGeC HBT for 0.13µm BiCMOS Technology

Numerical Modelling and Optimization of SiGeC HBT for 0.13µm BiCMOS Technology

A Novel Square Root Domain Lossless Integrator and Its Application to KHN Biquad Filter Design

Position Detection in Linear, Proximity Coupling Networks

Algorithms on the Extraction of BSIM MOSFET Model Parameters via Measurement Data

Novel Current-Mode Second-Order Square-Root-Domain Highpass and Allpass Filter

The Distributed Control of an Articulated Arm Robot

Second-Order Multifunction Filter with Fully Differential Current Follower

Differential-Input Buffered and Transconductance Amplifier (DBTA)-Based New Trans-Admittance- and Voltage-Mode First-Order All-Pass Filters

Electronically Tunable Pure Current-Mode Low-Pass Filter

Single-Input Three-Output Current-Mode Filter Using Dual-Output Current Conveyors

R-Peak Detection Using a Complex Fractional Wavelet

Efficient Implementation of Diffie-Hellman (DH) Key Distribution Algorithm in Pool-Based Cryptographic Systems (PBCSs)

Horn Antenna Analysis by Wavelet-based Moment Method

Shifted Frequency Internal Equivalence 2D Application

The Effect of Length of TSSRRs Loaded Substrate on Waveguide Miniaturization

Sub-aperture Method for the Wide-Bandwidth Wide-Angle Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging

Analysis of Interactions between Node Induced Crosstalk and Fiber Nonlinearities in Optical Metropolitan Area Networks

Waste Water Solutions and Its SCADA System

Enhanced Resolution Fiber Optic Strain Sensor Based on Mach-Zehnder Interferometer and Displacement Sensing Principles

Observer Based Sliding Mode Control of Uncertain Chaotic Systems

A New Tuning Method for PIlamda Dµ Controller

Modeling and Simulation of an Aeroelastic Airfoil Using (LQR, LQG/LTR, H2 and Hinf) Controllers

Delayed Feedback Controller for Stabilizing Subsynchronous Oscillations in Power Systems

Simulink Model of Inverse Fuzzy Model Control of Induction Motor

Sliding Mode Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

A Review on Motion Control of the Underwater Vehicles

Development of Control Strategy Based on Fuzzy Logic Control for a Parallel Hybrid Vehicle

Model Based Predictive Rate Controller for Video Streaming

A Single/Double Precision Floating-Point Reciprocal Unit Design for Multimedia Applications

Control of a Manipulator Using Shuffled Complex Evolution

Imitation of Basic Hand Preshapes by Fluid Based Method: Fluidic Formation Control

A Novel Sonar-Based Obstacle Detection Approach for Sensor-Based Coverage Problem

A New Approach to Improve the Success Ratio and Localization Duration of a Particle Filter Based Localization for Mobile Robots

A Smooth Path Generation Approach for Sensor-based Coverage Path Planning

Real Time Detection of Alternator Failures Using Intelligent Control Systems

Performance Analysis of Artificial Neural Network Intrusion Detection Systems

Thyroid and Breast Cancer Disease Diagnosis using Fuzzy-Neural Networks

Implementation of a CNN based Object Counting Algorithm on Bi-i Cellular Vision System

Gravitational Approach to Supervised Clustering for Bi-class Datasets

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